Ember, 11 days new | Houston Newborn Photographer

Every baby entrusted to me for a newborn session is a treasure, a unique, priceless gem. Even as tiny babies just days old, each one is so unique, from the way they look to what they like and dislike! Some are squishy, some are long and lean, some don’t like to be on their bellies, some like to be swaddled, some don’t like their fingers to be messed with, and some, well, some will sleep through just about anything and let me play all day to my heart’s content! But when a baby has been longed for, prayed for, and wished for for such a very, very long time like this sweet little beauty, well, it just makes me really stop for a second and admire the miracle of life all over again. ❤ Here are some of my favorites from sweet little Ember's session…